Monday, October 15, 2007

I got a Commercial Use Bag UP!

Okay- So I took the time and did it- I made one. A Grab bag is now available in the shoppes now! I can't tell you what I have inside- But how about a few hints?? Well-- Designers will find stuff that they will come back to OVER and OVER again! Its all ready for some color- and its done! Hows that?? OH_ Not a designer?? Thats fine- This stuff just needs some color added- OR___ You can check out Brandi's Bag she has for only $2 on Just for the Scrap of it! Its chalked full of great things for personal use that surely help make your layouts standout above and beyond the rest! These Grab Bags- Plus Bab's CU one will be available ONLY until the 22nd- So you better grab it while you can!!

Go Grab Em!!!!

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