Sunday, October 7, 2007

I come to ask a favor- Pray for Armani

This layout is done by my sweetie Chris. She used the kit Lil' Armani- Made in honor and in the benifit for this sweet little babe.
A Little while ago a great friend to many of us on Scrapbook Flair was afflicted by Cancer, in one of the worst ways. After her grandson was taken into the hospital for being ill, it was discovered that he had a cancerous tumor in his liver. Little Armani is only 15 months old. When I heard this news, my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach. How could such a sweet little baby have to go through all the ins and outs that many don't have to face until the later parts of their lives? I know that he is not the only child that is facing this struggle, nor is this the only family dealing with the battle of cancer, But this story has hit me close to home. When one of our very own is down the rest of us fall too. And the complete Sweet Digi Scraps Team is praying and wishing for a SPEEDY and FAST recovery.
This past Thursday was the start of his treatments of chemotherapy. He took it well, but suffered with side affects of the treatment, and is slowing recouperating before his next session on Next Monday. You can read more of little Armanis story here. And also visit the online scrapbooking gallery built for prayers for him here.
With hearing all of this news, and knowing what the mother is going through with spending long days at the hospital and watching her little one lay there sick with all the other children. I wanted to do something to help, and I am doing it the best way that I can at the moment. Now in the Stores is the kit Lil Armani. This is made in honor of the sweet one, and ALL of my profits made will go directly to his family to help out with finacial expenses. I know that it is my most expensive kit yet- But it is for the best of causes. You can click on either shoppe logos on the top to find this kit for his benifit. For those who cannot afford, or are limited in funds, Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers as they fight this battle.

Here is the Preview of Lil' Armani
Below you will find the pages the Sweet Digi Scraps Team has made for his family with this. And also see what a sweet smile Armani has! He is just so very beautiful. And look at those eyes! What a cutie!


MissLilly said...

My Prayers are with Armani & his family during this difficult time my heart just breaks for them & I only wish that there was`more that I could do to help ease this families pain Liz your kit is such a beautiful gesture & I also hope that it raises enough money to make a dent in the finacial struggle the family will now be struggling through once again Liz you are a remarkable woman to set up this benefit & also geanerous as you stated ALL of the proceeds are going straight to Armani's family so I am also praying that this kit appeals to many and all to buy it to help LiL' ARMANI From Lilly (Misslilly on SBF)

omas corner said...

You have restored my faith in human kind. This is very generous of you Liz, but then I always knew you had a big heart. My prayers are with Armani and his family.

chrisg said...

All our prayers will be with this precious baby and his family.Our goal is to raise awareness and raise enough from the kit to help him and his family.Thank you so much for letting us help you in this great cause Liz..

Judys scraps said...

What a sweet thing for you to do Liz. The kit is beautiful for this special little child. All our prayers are with this family. Having been through Cancer, I know how this family is feeling and my hat is off to you Liz for doing this to help them..