Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Farewell :(

I wanted to officially let you all know that I have choosen on personal basis to remove my designer status at Scrappers Zone- If you had uploaded any LO's to my gallery there, they are gone now and I do apologize, as I figured they would have just switched over to member galleries. But, I was wrong. HOWEVER!~~ you can still find all my designs at Just for the Scrap of it.Which has become this really Kick Butt home for me! And I love every minute of it- But hey, I will have to say thank you to Marta and Nichole for giving me my start in this digi design realm. Its been fun-
You will also find that Colie's Corner is no longer found at Scrappers Zone as well. Irony huh? LOL- But her reasons are good- As are mine- And only time will telll you all! Many of you know that I CT for Colie- I can tell you this much about her Creations They will be coming again REAL Soon.
SO!- Head on Over to JFTSOI to get your Sweet Digi Scraps Fix!-

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