Saturday, October 20, 2007

~Scrapper LO's~

Done with Manic Monday
By Karen

Time to show off some of the scrappers layouts that I have been seeing popping all around. I am in aw and amazment by these scrappers. When I see my work put to use- It well-- Gives me great gratification- And to see it done so awesomely- Well that itself is sooo great. So check out some of the layouts using my designs- And give these ladies so love for all their beautiful work!

done with My Sweeties Mega~~~~~~Done with a Variety of my Designs
By Shikin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Shikin
O my this lady always amazes me. I get excited to see her pages, And am always happy when she is popping me a message saying she has a new one done! Girl I love you! And your LO"s are always so beautiful!
~~~~Both LO's Done with Beautifuly Mondane~~~
by Renee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Nessa
Both of these LO's are awesome! I love the creativity driving in both of these ladies. Thank you so much dears!
Done with Like...Whatever!!~~~~~~Done with Elegance
By Brenda~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Sarah
Both of these layouts are great- I love the way the vibrant colors in the first one pull the focus to the sweet little one and her swing set- Heck i am also jealous she has one! LOL- And how sarah turned such a elegant kit into an AWESOME fun page!! I love both LO's Great Job ladies!
Done with Manic Monday~~~~~~~Done with What Boys are Made Of
By Nessa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Sunrise
Another awesome set of LO's. And happy birthday to the sweet boy- Who turned 1! Both pages Rock!!!
Done with What Boys R Made Of~~~~ Done with My Man
By God Loves Me~~~~~~~~~~~By Deskite
Awesome set of masculine feeling pages! Both are very creative and so very well laid out! Love both of these guys!!! ♥
Done with What Boys Are Made Of
By BlakesMommy
Isn't he just toooo cute!!!! I love this- And the pics are sooo great!!!!

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