Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 2 of the Sweetest Week!

Day 2 Of the Sweetest Week~ I have decided that was good seeing as Your here at the Sweet Digi Scraps Blog, during the week of the holiday with the sweetest treats, and- You are getting the Sweet Versatility Kit- I am currently searching for Sweeties to join my Creative Team- not to mention this all leads up to the Sugar Rehab event on JFTSOI- AND I am giving you a sneak peek at the sweet kit i am making now- With another small freebie too-(thats below) How awesome is that!- Now- Let me un tie my tongue- LOL Okay Soo here is Day 2's freebie- Containing yet another 11 pieces of the Mega Kit. (thought it was just blue and green huh?)
Click on Preview for download!
(be sure to check back tomorrow as another color and section is released)
Alright- I don't know if its the blog hits that set this off-or what- But i got that groove back again. My CT know what I am talking about- That bubbling with ideas and getting em done quick and awesome. Let me give you an idea of what i mean, I just finished this Awesome new wedding kit- Its beautiful- And i am telling you what- I am usually really critical on my work, But this one I might say is definitely one of my proudest designs. So much time Put into the details and all of it. I wanted it to be absolutely perfect, seein as it is for your perfect day scrappin. So check out some of these details, and tell me if I am wrong on what I think-
ALSO- I got hit with inspiration by Miss Lilly once again- She suggested Hippy- I picked some colors- And now its going wild- I mean WOW- This will indefinitely become a MEGA for sure! God I love her- She has such awesome ideas, She is brains, I am just the worker- LOL- and I have this flow going right now- And it just won't quit! Which I guess isn't such a bad thing right?? Check out this brad from it- It is saved as PNG- So feel free to grab it up- just remember my TOU-
Snag this Brad!
Okay So isn't this kit going to be awesome!
Now On to other stuff- Yeap, other stuff! I am telling you inspiration has hit and its rolling full force! YEAH! I have now completed my part of this awesome Sugar Rehab- Its a Mega Kit done in collaboration with all of the JFTSOI Designers- And guess what- We are giving it to you all for free-
And Speaking of JFTSOI- Babette has some awesome new freebies over on her blog- The new baby kit is sooo darling!! I have been getting sneak peeks of the whole thing- And the DETAILS! OMG_ they are awesome! YOu sooo have to go check it out!_ AND COLIE?? Where did she go you might ask- O- WELL ITs a secret thats soon to be told!! All I can say is what she has in store is AMAZING!
Well Enoughing Rambling, I am back to the drawing board- And will have part 3 for you all tomorrow- Who knows, Maybe even another piece of the one in progress!


Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Su said...

Just wanted to say your wedding kit looks lovely.. nice work!

Cynthia said...

Well, if it's the blog hits that've gotten you back into the groove, I hope I can help: I've added you to my freebies search engine.

Thanks for being creative -- and sharing it!

makeyesup said...

Thanks for SV 1 and 2, magnificient. Love JFTSOI site, still waiting to see who the new designer is from the contest. That was one of the hardest to vote since all of the designers are so very talented.

babydoe said...

SV is shaping up to be a very very nice. I am looking forward to seeing what the other colors are. Thanks a bunch for parts 1 & 2.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the 1st 2 parts of this Gorgeous freebies!!!!