Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 2 of the Sweetest Week!

Day 2 Of the Sweetest Week~ I have decided that was good seeing as Your here at the Sweet Digi Scraps Blog, during the week of the holiday with the sweetest treats, and- You are getting the Sweet Versatility Kit- I am currently searching for Sweeties to join my Creative Team- not to mention this all leads up to the Sugar Rehab event on JFTSOI- AND I am giving you a sneak peek at the sweet kit i am making now- With another small freebie too-(thats below) How awesome is that!- Now- Let me un tie my tongue- LOL Okay Soo here is Day 2's freebie- Containing yet another 11 pieces of the Mega Kit. (thought it was just blue and green huh?)
Click on Preview for download!
(be sure to check back tomorrow as another color and section is released)
Alright- I don't know if its the blog hits that set this off-or what- But i got that groove back again. My CT know what I am talking about- That bubbling with ideas and getting em done quick and awesome. Let me give you an idea of what i mean, I just finished this Awesome new wedding kit- Its beautiful- And i am telling you what- I am usually really critical on my work, But this one I might say is definitely one of my proudest designs. So much time Put into the details and all of it. I wanted it to be absolutely perfect, seein as it is for your perfect day scrappin. So check out some of these details, and tell me if I am wrong on what I think-
ALSO- I got hit with inspiration by Miss Lilly once again- She suggested Hippy- I picked some colors- And now its going wild- I mean WOW- This will indefinitely become a MEGA for sure! God I love her- She has such awesome ideas, She is brains, I am just the worker- LOL- and I have this flow going right now- And it just won't quit! Which I guess isn't such a bad thing right?? Check out this brad from it- It is saved as PNG- So feel free to grab it up- just remember my TOU-
Snag this Brad!
Okay So isn't this kit going to be awesome!
Now On to other stuff- Yeap, other stuff! I am telling you inspiration has hit and its rolling full force! YEAH! I have now completed my part of this awesome Sugar Rehab- Its a Mega Kit done in collaboration with all of the JFTSOI Designers- And guess what- We are giving it to you all for free-
And Speaking of JFTSOI- Babette has some awesome new freebies over on her blog- The new baby kit is sooo darling!! I have been getting sneak peeks of the whole thing- And the DETAILS! OMG_ they are awesome! YOu sooo have to go check it out!_ AND COLIE?? Where did she go you might ask- O- WELL ITs a secret thats soon to be told!! All I can say is what she has in store is AMAZING!
Well Enoughing Rambling, I am back to the drawing board- And will have part 3 for you all tomorrow- Who knows, Maybe even another piece of the one in progress!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Farewell :(

I wanted to officially let you all know that I have choosen on personal basis to remove my designer status at Scrappers Zone- If you had uploaded any LO's to my gallery there, they are gone now and I do apologize, as I figured they would have just switched over to member galleries. But, I was wrong. HOWEVER!~~ you can still find all my designs at Just for the Scrap of it.Which has become this really Kick Butt home for me! And I love every minute of it- But hey, I will have to say thank you to Marta and Nichole for giving me my start in this digi design realm. Its been fun-
You will also find that Colie's Corner is no longer found at Scrappers Zone as well. Irony huh? LOL- But her reasons are good- As are mine- And only time will telll you all! Many of you know that I CT for Colie- I can tell you this much about her Creations They will be coming again REAL Soon.
SO!- Head on Over to JFTSOI to get your Sweet Digi Scraps Fix!-

Hits Celebration!

First of all, Thank you all so much who come visit and grab up my designs. Especially to all of you that left such wonderful comments!! Wow- I am soo honored that my designs have been well recieved. And your comments and love back is what continues my drive for designing! Now as of yesterday, this blog has now had over 20,000 hits! OMG- I am in shock! But its awesome! So I feel like celebrating. I started a really cool mini last night to give out as a freebie- But then my mind started going and it turned into a mega. It still has so much work i want to do to it. So i got to thinking. Megas- Hm.... O What if I re- released my first ever Mega Kit. So- I am going to. This week- Each Day I will release a new portion of my first ever Mega Kit called Sweet Versatility. Now I did this way back in July- So When I went to pick out sections- I noticed that my papers and tags were- well crappy! LOL- So I am redoing those as well- And those will be the final installement- But lets start off a week of celebration with Day 1 of Sweet Versatility. Check Back each day as a new selection of it will be up for downloading. I Hope you all Enjoy! And Thank YOu all again for your sweet words, and support! Love to you all! ♥
Click the Preview to go to the Download

Monday, October 29, 2007

Musical Monday Freebie

Lillys has this niece that can play like an angel- And I mean it- Abby is soooo talented! I could probably listen to her play the piano for days- And she is still soooo young! Watch out world, This girl is going to fabulous! Anyways- In inspiration of her, Lilly suggested a musical theme to scrap her playing the piano. Well Here it is~ This weeks Freebie!!! Please enjoy- And this is also on of the kits that can be used for the CT Application (See Previous Post for Details)
Click Preview to go to Download!
ALSO- You can grab up 6 FULL KITS at Just for the scrap of it This week! As this is the final round of the Designer Contest! Be sure to check it out- And grab up the sweet freebies. (I have my fav.) You don't want to miss these freebies!
Dont forget Deadline to get applications in for a CT spot is November 3rd!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Thats Right- Sweet Digi Scraps is looking for some Creative Minds to work some awesome layouts.
Must participate in group discussions, be able to create 2 layouts per design sent to you. participate in challenges and chats that I host when called upon, Post your LO's using my designs to At least 3 galleries, Just for the Scrap of it- And 2 of your choice. And Be prepared for lots of fun!

Please send an email to containing a link to your most current gallery, a small bio of yourself, And 1 LO Made with one of my Freebies (you can use any of the kits found here) Please scroll down to veiw all freebies listed on that page.

After applications are recieved, I will post all the applicants LO's (that me the application requirements) on my blog here- And run a voting poll- No names will be added to the LO's so that there is no favoritism on any part based on a name- People will vote on who they think will be the best creative assest. I will take the top 3-5 based on the descretion of myself and Miss Lilly the CT Leader.

Best of Luck to all!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Update on Armani- And Scrapper LOs

By Nessa~~~~~~~~~~~By Nessa
Both With Kit Lil' Armani
Update on the sweet babe! Armani has now undergone his 3 chemo treatment. His swelling is going done, and he seems to be in high spirits- HOW AWESOME IS THAT! I LOVE this man more than i think any person could without ever holding him or seeing his face right in front of mine. He is sooo sweet. Please remember all proceeds of the This Kit go directly to his family to help with hospital and other expenses. Keep them in your Prayers- Cuz with Strength, and Love, everything is possible!

By Shikin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Shikin
With FGB Funkified~~~~~~~~~~~~With Lil Armani
How awesome are these layouts! She even did one for the sweet babe we are all pulling for.
That first page though, it cracks me up- Those girls are soo cute- and remind me of my kid days!
By Faye~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Faye
Both Done with my design- Teen Dream
How cute is that first one! Miss Olivia is sooo adorable with those bright button eyes and sweet smile! Not to mention the LO is AWESOME! Same as the second- that journaling is perfect! Thank you miss Faye!!!
By Chris~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Chris
Both Using Manly Monday
Sent to me via email- And I am sooo glad they did- Awesome LO's full of fun- And love the use of something intended for manly to make sure an gorgeous elegant wedding page! You are sooo awesome! ♥
By Jassy~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Kendra
with Beautifully Mondane~~~~~~~With Purrfect
Happy Belated Birthday Jassy- You layout is so beautiful to celebrate! And is that kitten not the cutest!! Love these ladies!

By Mat
With Purrfect
Are those cats not adorable! Love this LO mat! The extractions are great- And soo fitting! ♥

Monday, October 22, 2007

Golden Monday!!

I got another Monday feeling- and you know with those feelings comes a freebie. And its the Guys turn! Now all weekend its been kinda gloomy here. I have been feeling a little under the weather at times. Not to mention it is getting colder by the minute. I had to kick on the furnace this past weekend. And thats a lot sooner than have ever had to. So either way, its forcasted to be pretty nice today- Warmer with lots of Golden Sunshine! O I CAN"T WAIT! LOL- So I thought what better way than to go with something that gives me that warm fall feeling. Miss Lilly helped me in naming this one, Cuz after I was finished, I realized- WOW_ this is REALLY different for me. And she helped with the name Midas Monday. How perfect is that? covers the masculine feeling, but also that golden sun i am hoping for! So please ENJOY!!!!
Click On Preview to get the Download!
A Special Thanks to Michelle Yiap and Carla Phelps.
Here is my LO using this kit!


Round 3 IS OPEN!!!!!!!!!

Go check out Just for the Scrap of it! Round 3 is now opened with FULL sized kits up for free downloading- Go get em! And let us know who your favorite is! NOT TO MENTION___ There have been freebies handed left and right throughout the ENTIRE SITE!!! Come on over and check it out-AND_ INTRODUCING THE FANTASTIC FIVE! A AWESOME SALE! This next 5 days you have the ability to grab these 5 kits for 50%! Go check it out! You wont' wanna miss this!
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Armani Pledge

Layout By Chris
Armani has gone through another set of chemo. And is doing good considering. However he is still in need of your prayers and thoughts. I spoke with his grandma, Nessa and she said its tiring, but they are all pulling for him to have a quick and healthy recovery from all of this. Now this week- I am pledging that EVERY Lil' Armani Kit that is sold, I will match. So if you purchase the Lil Armani Kit, I too will put 5.99 into the Armani fund to send to his family. AND- If you purchase, Send me the page you make to my email (found at the bottom of the blog) and you will recieve a bonus exclusive gift that will never go into the stores, or be featured anywhere else. Not even here on my blog. Click on the preview to go grab up this wonderful kit for this sweet 15 month old babe- And show his family how much we are here to support and help them.

"Sweeties" in Review

Time to catch up with the CT, and see what they have been up. Rember each page is clickable to go to where you can grab up the kit used to make it. And each name will take you to the Sweeties homepage. Leave them some love for some awesome Layouts this week!!! If you are new to my blog- You can grab up some samplings of my work here All things listed on that page are free for downloading.

Done with Peachberry Wine~~~Done with Manic Monday/WinterWonderland
by Colie~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Colie
Done with Manic Monday~~~~~~~~Done with My Sweeties Mega
By Clara Sue~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Clara Sue
Done with Manly Monday~~~~~~~Done with My Favorite Lilly
By Chris~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Chris
Done with My Sweeties Mega~~~~~~~Done with Monday Funk
By Judy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Judy
Done with Lil Armani~~~~~~~~~~Done with My Sweeties Mega
By Lilly~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Lilly

~Scrapper LO's~

Done with Manic Monday
By Karen

Time to show off some of the scrappers layouts that I have been seeing popping all around. I am in aw and amazment by these scrappers. When I see my work put to use- It well-- Gives me great gratification- And to see it done so awesomely- Well that itself is sooo great. So check out some of the layouts using my designs- And give these ladies so love for all their beautiful work!

done with My Sweeties Mega~~~~~~Done with a Variety of my Designs
By Shikin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Shikin
O my this lady always amazes me. I get excited to see her pages, And am always happy when she is popping me a message saying she has a new one done! Girl I love you! And your LO"s are always so beautiful!
~~~~Both LO's Done with Beautifuly Mondane~~~
by Renee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Nessa
Both of these LO's are awesome! I love the creativity driving in both of these ladies. Thank you so much dears!
Done with Like...Whatever!!~~~~~~Done with Elegance
By Brenda~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Sarah
Both of these layouts are great- I love the way the vibrant colors in the first one pull the focus to the sweet little one and her swing set- Heck i am also jealous she has one! LOL- And how sarah turned such a elegant kit into an AWESOME fun page!! I love both LO's Great Job ladies!
Done with Manic Monday~~~~~~~Done with What Boys are Made Of
By Nessa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Sunrise
Another awesome set of LO's. And happy birthday to the sweet boy- Who turned 1! Both pages Rock!!!
Done with What Boys R Made Of~~~~ Done with My Man
By God Loves Me~~~~~~~~~~~By Deskite
Awesome set of masculine feeling pages! Both are very creative and so very well laid out! Love both of these guys!!! ♥
Done with What Boys Are Made Of
By BlakesMommy
Isn't he just toooo cute!!!! I love this- And the pics are sooo great!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Now- Moving on to Round 3 Colies Corner is giving the contestants some heat to work with! This girl amazes me!!! And guess what- I got a sneak peek at what she is working on now- AND ITS GORGEOUS!! If you havent seen her stuff yet- You gotta- This girl has grown so Fast in the digi design realm- And I am in AWWW!! O NOT TO MENTION--- She has a freebie Quick Page on her blog!!! So run over- snag it up- And be sure to leave her some love and support!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Monday- Another Freebie!

This past week has been hectic for me to say the least!!! I have been running like a chicken with my head cut off- And can't seem to find where it went to- AND- get this, I went to the Chinese Resturant the other day for lunch. After the waitress brought the bill, along came my favorite part- The FORTUNE COOKIE! LOL- So I opened it- And it my fortune said- And I Quote "Its all over your head now, Time to seek professional help" I mean come on- I know I tend to be crazy at times- And sometimes a little "dense" to somethings- (You gotta know me- I can be a little ditzy sometimes, Especially with lack of sleep- Which has been happening alot lately- Its 4am and I am blogging! LMAO) Either way- WHAT FORTUNE COOKIE SAYS THAT?????
Either way, I bring you the next installment in the Monday freebie series- Its how I seem to be feeling- A little Manic!!!!! Enjoy!
Click on the Preview to go to the Download!
Here is my LO with this week's freebie!

Also, PLEASE don't forget, I have a HUGE MEGA KIT on sale right now in my shoppes that is on sale until the 31st for only $5- and I still have Lil' Armani in my shoppes as well- All Profits from this kit will go straight to his family to help with finances during his chemo treatments- He is only 15 months old- To read more on this store- Please scroll down to the Armani Post at the bottom of the page- You will also find the preview to this great boy kit in his honor!

Thanks for stopping by- And happy scrapping!