Friday, September 21, 2007

Well.. I am trying. LOL

Getting into the new groove of my new schedule is a bit different- But slowly i am catching back up to the things that I have been lacking on- MY BLOG for instance- LOL. Just to briefly explain what I mean about my new schedule- I have now gained an imediate family of 5 children besides my 3, and gaining more and more chores- BUT- It will all calm down eventually. So I will catch you all up on the newest things- Now I have put 4 products in the store since last post- 2 kits and 2 commercial use products. Each of them only 3.99. The kits are HUGE! and well- You can't beat that for commercial usage!- Here are the previews. To grab any of these up- Please click on one of my shoppes on the top right here- AND- if you are newer to my blog- and wanna catch up on my older freebies- They are there on the right too- Click on any of those small avatars to grab up the freebie- OR go to and click on the sweet digi scraps blinkie. Hope you all have a great weekend- And With the monday morning drag will come a sweet uplifting freebie from me- So be sure to check back for it!

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angelscrapper said...

You have been a busy girl my friend, great kits, do you have like a little logo that I can put on our blogs with a direct link to your blog? Keep going and congrats