Monday, September 10, 2007

OMG ITS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies, Minds outta the gutters please! I am talking about the MEGA KIT over at! NEVER have I seen anything like it! Beautiful Equinox kit, In celebration of the changing seasons and our zodiac! HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? It is PACKED full of goodness! I am drooling over it now- And i honestly haven't seen something pull together so beautifully like this has~ And guess what- Its only 11.99!!! WHAT A STEAL! AND- the 16 QP can be bought seperately for only 3.99! AND the designs can be bought for only 9.99!
Files include: 1 Alpha (capitals),1 Alpha (capitals & numbers), 4 Beads, 12 Bows, 6 Brads, 1 Button with tassels, 2 Cardboards, 2 Celtic Ornament, 8 Constellations Glass Buttons, 4 Corners, 6 Frames, 6 Glass Stones Moons, 6 Glass Stones Star, 2 Journal Tag, 1 Lace Trim, 2 Metallic Accents, 4 Metallic Buttons, 1 Metallic Sand Clock, 5 Metallic Moons, 11 Metallic Stars, 3 Metallic Suns, 3 Metallic Sun-Moons, 3 Metallic Tags, 1 Sundial, 2 Tassels, 1 Metallic Turquoise Globe, 1 Metallic Ying-Yang Button, 13 Metallic Zodiac Symbols, 4 Paper Clips, 90 Papers, 1 Plaque, 4 Prongs, 1 Ribbon Buckle, 13 Ribbons, 1 Stamp, 1 Star Border, 3 Star Brushes, 1 Star Doodle, 6 Star Buttons, 6 Star Frames, 4 Star Stitching, 3 Star Tags, 1 Stardude, 6 Stickers, 1 Set of Stitches, 6 Stitching Ribbons, 4 Tag Holders, 2 Templates, 1 Triple Frame, 3 Veils, 1 Zodiac Circle, 12 Zodiac Constellation Tags, 12 Zodiac Images Brushes, 12 Zodiac Metallic Buttons, 12 Zodiac Ribbons, 12 Zodiac Symbols Brushes, 12 Zodiac Stitches Tags & se Quick Pages.

So click on the preview below to check it out!!!!!!

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MissLilly said...

WOW This mega kit looks great I am going there right now to check it out Thanks for the details on whats in the kit & you are right about the price being a steal What a bargain buy Love Ya Liz xoxoxox