Saturday, September 15, 2007


WOW- I am bubbling with JOY!!!! I have a HUGE secret that is ITCHING AT ME! and guess what- I AM NOT ALLOWED TO TELL!!! BUT- I will tell you this- I am SUPER happy about it- And I think you will be too! AND- I also pleased that I can tell you that Elegance is done! Its a new kit full of grunge, tears and sheer beauty- Perfect for Elegance! LOL- Its now in the Scrappers Zone store- LOAD full of greatness- almost 70megs! and its only 3.99!! So click on the preview below to check it out- AND- Be sure to come back- As I might be allowed to let you in on the secret tomorrow!!!!!!!

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MaggieM said...

This kit is gorgeous!! I love it!! Any chance for a freebie from it, for us who can't buy? Thank you so much for the materials and help you do provide.