Monday, August 27, 2007

Teal Jewels has Been Revamped!

I got an idea the other night while talking with my CT Colie. What if i redid my first design. To see how I have grown? Well I did it. I took the idea I had with my first design (Done back in June) and redid it. I AM SHOCKED to say the least- So to celebrate my growth in the past 2 months, I offer Teal Jewels REVAMPED. Below you will find the previews to both the first installement and what is now! I am holding a challenge with this two- However this is limited to those who got the first one. Redo your page that did orginal with this one, email it to me, And i will post the before and afters here on my blog, and run a poll on the pages. The winner of the "CHANGE AND GROWTH" challenge will get a gift certificate for my store! So Please whether you got the first one or not, Enjoy this celebration of my design growth, and I hope to see what
you do- And see you more often!
Click on the Preview to be taken to the Download!
And just for my amusement this is the preview of the first one!

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Anonymous said...

Great Design, thanks for sharing