Thursday, August 2, 2007

Part 2 of the Series

This is Part Two of Vintage Perfection. Like I said, I am on a role with this one-- So it will consist of 5 parts- I have decided to wait to put this collection in the store UNTIL all five parts are finished, That way I can also run a special for you to obtain all of them at once-- ALSO, There is a Challenge on SBF right now for all challenge winners of July. I am sponsoring the Best of the Best challenge this month, With this collection as prize for the winners-- How will it work?? Since the winner of this one is proven best of the best-- They will recieve ALL 5 parts to Vintage Perfection. 2nd place and Choice will recieve a part of their choice, and EVERYONE will recieve a Vintage Perfection Grab Bag!!!! So get your winning pages in there!!!!

This weekend will be a mess for me. So no more posts until the 5th. I am going to be at Deerassic Classic, taking pictures and doing interviews- So when i get back, Maybe i will have some fun pictures to share!!! If you want to know about whats going on around my area, Check out the Web News Portal in which i am the News Director- OR see me on WEBTV!

Love to you all!!!!!!!! And a freebie when i get back!

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