Friday, August 17, 2007

My Favorite Lilly

Now, If you are on Flair, you know who I am talking about. If not, Miss Lilly is one of the greatest people to know, AND AN AWESOME EGO BOOSTER! LOL- She is so loving and kind, Not to mention sneaky, LOL. Even when she is feeling her worst, she always finds time to comment my pages, and I MEAN COMMENT- Not just copy and paste like some of us are guilty of doing- She speaks from her heart! And i think she is in love with my girls! hahaha- I love her to death! And This new design is made for her! My Favorite Lilly- Nope you won't find a single lily flower in it, BUT- Its full of her favorite colors- And HOPEFULLY she loves it too-She hasn't even seen this design yet- I am waiting to suprise her- But she does know one is coming. So I am showing it to you all first- And we will see if she finds it, LOL- LOVE YOU LILLY!!!! HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!! I will send you the link!!!

Now, on August the 18th- TOMORROW_ LOL- I will be putting this design and Teen Dream into the Scrappers Zone Store. Teen Dream was named by CT Colie, Its an awesome collection of fun colors, good for fun boy and girl pages!!! Be sure to check them out!

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