Friday, August 31, 2007


Well, some people have ask if everything is okay- And if I was still going good on my end. Well, I am alive everyone! LOL. I have been designing still. Unfortunately right now I can't show you all what I have been up to. I can say this, I am sponsoring Bonnies Best of the Best Challenge on SBF right now. IN ORDER TO DO SO. I have to provide 3 kits of my own for Flair to keep and distribute as they see fit. So, all the designs that I have been doing lately are going to be given as freebies on Scrapbook Flair. I can say this much, I did one that is of everyday use, one for Little Boys and one to celebrate the changing of the seasons that fits both spring and fall. I am working on one for little girls and a vintage one for Flair. SO- As soon as they start releasing them, I will let you all know, And you can go and grab them there! NOW- If you didn't see, I still have Teal Jewels Revamped up as a freebie download. And Would still LOVE to see some before and after pages for this challenge. Remember IF you do participate you will get a gift, AS WELL AS the winner of it will recieve a gift certificate to my store. Speaking of Store- I have released this gorgeous kit in it! Twilight Blossoms is a great combination rich plums, purples and pinks! SO CHECK IT OUT!- And also here is a layout I did of my darling baby girl Stevie Rae! Enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Teal Jewels has Been Revamped!

I got an idea the other night while talking with my CT Colie. What if i redid my first design. To see how I have grown? Well I did it. I took the idea I had with my first design (Done back in June) and redid it. I AM SHOCKED to say the least- So to celebrate my growth in the past 2 months, I offer Teal Jewels REVAMPED. Below you will find the previews to both the first installement and what is now! I am holding a challenge with this two- However this is limited to those who got the first one. Redo your page that did orginal with this one, email it to me, And i will post the before and afters here on my blog, and run a poll on the pages. The winner of the "CHANGE AND GROWTH" challenge will get a gift certificate for my store! So Please whether you got the first one or not, Enjoy this celebration of my design growth, and I hope to see what
you do- And see you more often!
Click on the Preview to be taken to the Download!
And just for my amusement this is the preview of the first one!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nannas Angel

A New design is complete and in the Scrappers Zone store. At the request of a Nanna that is expecting a grandson comes Nannas Angel. Now since the little bundle of joy hasn't arrived just yet, I can't show you it to use with the one it was made. HOWEVER- I can show you this awesome layout done by Hannah-- other wise known as Omas Corner on SBF. Beautiful layout of her darling son and grandchild. I seen this layout and feel in love! The journaling and everything on it is spectacular!!!!! Thank You dear for using this kit, and for doing such an awesome job at it!!!!!
Here is the preview of what you recieve in this kit available at

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yet some more love

My dear friend Pascale has suprised me as well, with yet another layout of dear me! LOL-- Its strange to see myself so much, BUt i love it-- Dear Pelin is an awesome designer-- If you didn't know already, She is one and has BEAUTIFUL designs there--
With this one there as well-- I LOVE THIS KIT___ HER WORK IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Thank you dear Pelin, I love this page. Its so very beautiful and WOW-- What else can i say! LOVE YOU DEAR!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Well-- I am sharing with all of you that Miss Colie has recieved Layout of the Week Honors at Scrappers Zone-- (No I don't choose the layout) BUT IT ROCKS!!!!! I wanted to share this will all of you- This was made with my kit Teen Dream-- Available at Scrappers Zone now!!!!
CONGRATS COLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, you seen the page below that Miss Lilly had made for me right?? Well to my suprise, yet another page has been made. And i LOVE IT!!! Miss Colie on my CT made this AWESOME page for me, and she knew I needed a little comfort-- For a little bit of things going on right now-- This page was made with my kit, My Favorite Lilly- Found at

Now to top that off-- I have made yet another design-- Available also at Scrappers Zone
Here is a Preview of the Kit and a beautiful layout done with it my my fablous CT Member Chris

Friday, August 17, 2007

My Favorite Lilly

Now, If you are on Flair, you know who I am talking about. If not, Miss Lilly is one of the greatest people to know, AND AN AWESOME EGO BOOSTER! LOL- She is so loving and kind, Not to mention sneaky, LOL. Even when she is feeling her worst, she always finds time to comment my pages, and I MEAN COMMENT- Not just copy and paste like some of us are guilty of doing- She speaks from her heart! And i think she is in love with my girls! hahaha- I love her to death! And This new design is made for her! My Favorite Lilly- Nope you won't find a single lily flower in it, BUT- Its full of her favorite colors- And HOPEFULLY she loves it too-She hasn't even seen this design yet- I am waiting to suprise her- But she does know one is coming. So I am showing it to you all first- And we will see if she finds it, LOL- LOVE YOU LILLY!!!! HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!! I will send you the link!!!

Now, on August the 18th- TOMORROW_ LOL- I will be putting this design and Teen Dream into the Scrappers Zone Store. Teen Dream was named by CT Colie, Its an awesome collection of fun colors, good for fun boy and girl pages!!! Be sure to check them out!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Balloon Tester

My CT member Colie has some awesome templates on her blog, God love her, I seen this one, and Just had to have it!!!! The template was perfect for my balloon Tester! Miss Stevie Rae is still in that stage where everything goes in her mouth! This layout was done Using Colie's Template and My Design Ice Hot Lemonade- Which is now available in my store on
Now, READY FOR MORE?? Colie has been busy with her CT work, But also managed to produce this GREAT KIT for everyone to grab up for FREE!!!!!! In honor of her becoming part of the Creative Team, She wants to Share with you all this

This Kit is available for ONE WEEK ONLY!!! So run over to to grab it! PLUS, All the other great freebies she has to offer! SHE IS AWESOME!!!!!!

Well, Until Next time, Hugs and Happing Scrapping!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Vintage Perfection is now Complete

Well through the weekend without having net access, I kept myself busy with scrapping and designing. So Vintage Perfection is complete now, As well as a new design called Ice HOT Lemonade. All of these designs, plus some of the old ones will go into my new store on Scrappers Zone, I am really excited to be on the team there, And hope that you all come and check it out with me!!! So any ways, Here is the previews for the new designs! I will have a freebie coming for you all soon, I promise!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Have Been Missing

Well with all the heat lately, I blew my cable modem, Which was my means to internet access. Either way, it SHOULD be fixed soon. IN the mean time, I will be hit and miss- BUT when I come back I will be appearing on SCRAPPERSZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO all my designs will enter the store soon. Feel free to sign up and go on the great new venture with me, I will be hosting challenges and give freebies there that wont be here on the blog-- So until next time, Hugs- liz

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


So there is this Challenge on SBF right now, Scrap a Scrapper. A great idea by the way! But the object is to make a page of one of the fellow scrappers-- And my wonderful friend Miss Lilly did one of ME!!!! So i want to share it, Because it is AWESOME!!!!! and I love it! THANK YOU DEAR!! I AM GREATLY HONORED AND SPEACHLESS!!!!!
ALSO- Vintage Perfection Part 3 is done! YEAH!!! Just 2 more parts and the collection will be complete!!!! (Also I have a few suprises up my sleve- SO watch out! LOL) The vintage Perfection Collection will go into the store once the 5 part is complete!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

New CTs and Freebie!

Well the selection process was tough!! But its offical! Welcoming to the Sweet Digi Scraps Team is Lis, Colie and Nanna Susie! I am truelly excited and thrilled about the new team. Each one has a great unique style and each one of them is AWESOME! Not to mention they are being added with the already great and talented Chris and Joy! AWESOME SWEET GIRLS!! So in Honor of the New SWEET GIRLS! I give this freebie! Made especially in honor of the great Sweet Digi Scraps Creative Team!
Now some of you might be wondering what happened with Judy and Jenny. Nothing changes for them, just their title. Jenny is now designing, and working on new things herself! GO HER! and miss Judy is just beyond CT- she is my scrapping Momma!!! I love her to death, And if you don't know her- YOU SHOULD! LOL-- But i will have more things added here REALLY soon! And more things coming, Including the other parts to the Vintage Perfection Collection for Chris
Much Love, and If you enjoy the freebie, Leave some love and encouraging welcoming notes for the new girls! Each of their buttons on the right go straight to their sites or galleries!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Part 2 of the Series

This is Part Two of Vintage Perfection. Like I said, I am on a role with this one-- So it will consist of 5 parts- I have decided to wait to put this collection in the store UNTIL all five parts are finished, That way I can also run a special for you to obtain all of them at once-- ALSO, There is a Challenge on SBF right now for all challenge winners of July. I am sponsoring the Best of the Best challenge this month, With this collection as prize for the winners-- How will it work?? Since the winner of this one is proven best of the best-- They will recieve ALL 5 parts to Vintage Perfection. 2nd place and Choice will recieve a part of their choice, and EVERYONE will recieve a Vintage Perfection Grab Bag!!!! So get your winning pages in there!!!!

This weekend will be a mess for me. So no more posts until the 5th. I am going to be at Deerassic Classic, taking pictures and doing interviews- So when i get back, Maybe i will have some fun pictures to share!!! If you want to know about whats going on around my area, Check out the Web News Portal in which i am the News Director- OR see me on WEBTV!

Love to you all!!!!!!!! And a freebie when i get back!