Friday, December 28, 2007


Well, it has been a little bit, and I am a little late, But its true- The nasty flu bug bite me hard this time! I haven't felt well since Christmas day and after a visit to the ER today I was told that it was nothing more than a Upper Respiratory infection and to keep doing what I was doing. Not exactly the news I wanted to hear, But I guess it is the best news I could have heard right? Its just frustrating having this chronic cough that just won't stay suppressed no matter what, on top of having a weak bladder from the having the girls so close together- Well.... you get the picture. And my bed and couch has become my best of friends. I am sure the girls are tired of it, since frozen dinners and take out have become a little regular the past few days, but Only a bump in the road of life.
As far as Christmas.... It went really well!!! The girls were sooo excited opening their gifts. Little Miss Stevie was sick though (she is better now) and only stayed interested in the first few gifts to open and then wanted to lay down with mommy. Roxy and Ana were so adorable. Their true styles and personalities showed through. Roxy was busy ripping and tearing away, opening one oooing and awwwing then tossing it to open the next, where as Anastasia was prim and proper about it. She would carefully pull the paper back at the seams and study her presents. Tooo adorable. I took tons of pics that hopefully I will be able to scrap soon. I am hoping tomorrow is better and I can get it done. I should have the last gift tomorrow. Crossing my fingers!! But there is a sampler of yet another mid works design of mine at JFTSOI today to go along with my sale! So be sure to get over to the Daily Goodie Giveaway Section of the Forum to grab up this freebie. (You will need to be logged into JFTSOI to get your download link) And everything in my shop is 30% off today. No I am not turning 30 today but it seemed strange to do a 23% sale. LMAO This runs all of the 29th -from midnight to midnight EST time!

Also from the 12 days you received gifts that were samplers- Those designs are now packaged and put into the shop just in time to grab them up during the sale. Here are the previews for Timeless Love and Garden Treasures.

Okay well I am off to get some rest and hopefully be up to feeling great tomorrow for some birthday partying! LOL. I know that Joe plans on taking me out for dinner permitting I feel well enough and I think my sister got me a little something put together. So lets hope I pull the feel better card out over night! LMAO

Until tomorrow......


Sunday, December 23, 2007

I am almost ready! LOL

I am getting everything ready to go. Tomorrow starts the holiday for me and the girls. Tomorrow is Joe's mom's and grandma's Christmas parties. That should prove fun and eventful. I did a pie and kiss cookies for their parties. I wrapped up the presents for them as well. I bought votive for all the ladies and mini bath sets. I figured it would do since their are so many of them and half of them to be honest I have yet to even meet. Of course they are going to be given from the girls. Joe was in charge of the "men's" gifts but of course you know how that goes.... LOL
But today I took more time for the girls and me. While Joe was at work we all played barbies and had a little picnic in their bedroom. (had to snack on the sweets to taste test!!) LOL I want to thank you all again, And i don't think I can thank you all enough for all the wonderful comments. It truly is um..... how to best put it- Boosting. Don't forget you can get the For the Boy add on today at JFTSOI before it goes into the store. So be sure to hope over there and grab it up while its still free. Also while over there, be sure to check out the challenges. I am hosting the Snap it Challenge and Lyric Challenge. Both in which you will get the chance to grab up part of my New Year's Kit for free. They end on the 31st so still plenty of time to get your layout entered for the posting gift! Here is preview of what you will get.....

Also- Just an advanced notice- I will be having a 30% off sale on the 29th!!!! So get ready as it will be just after all the new designs are placed in the shop!!!! This will also include Commercial Use items. So make your list of all the things you been wanting! LOL
I have a layout I did of my 2 oldest at Christmas time last year that I want to share with you all.
They were opening up gifts from Santa and were having a blast tearing up the paper. The kit Used in this layout is called Holiday Sparkle- A very beautiful design by Linda a.k.a Bonscrapatit Designs- O and its free on her blog!!!!!!
Also its time to do some Sweetie Layout Shares as well!!!
~*~*~Sweeties Layouts~*~*~
Both by Chris
Both using Girly Grunge
These are absolutely adorable. The pictures are so beautiful and just POP being black and white! Love both of these layouts!!!
Using Santas Little Helpers~~Using His
Both by Colie
The kids are sooo adorable, and the layouts ROCK!!! Perfection on both of them miss Colie!!! Those babes have my heart!!!
Using Under the Covers~~Using Winter Wonderland
Both by K.Donovan
LOVE the pictures. Perfect journaling and well- All around awesome!!! Those cookies look soooo yummy too!!! Love these dear
Both Using His
Both by Miss Lilly
Mister Damon is sooo cute. (she is visiting him right now* And i miss her LOL) But the layouts are awesome. love the pictures and the journaling girl!
Using Rustic Rose~~~Using Girly Grunge
Both by Shikin
Absolutely breathtaking on the first one!!! and the pictures are tooo cute in the second one!! Love both of the layouts and the blending on the first one is awesome!
Using Garden Treasures~~~Using Aubergine Wine
Both by Miss Judy
O my cutie Miss Pipey!!! Love both of these layouts. The sun glistening on her in both of the pictures just radiant that beautiful hair of hers too!!!! awesome job miss j!
Using Santas Little Helpers~~~Using Christmas Holly
Both by Clara Sue
Awesome holiday scraps!! And of course I had to share one of the Holiday cards I have recieved! She made it for me when I was under the weather and the layout is beautiful. As the same of the first one! love the reflection technique of the paper!

I will be giving my last gift on the 26 for all of you. Also I will be back tomorrow with hopefully some great pictures from our night "Christmas light" drive. It should be beautiful and something to truly excite the girls and get them amped up for Tuesday!
Until Tomorrow......

Saturday, December 22, 2007

On the 12th day of Christmas.....

Today was a day, kinda of unusual. I did some more baking finished up the new me makeover and cleaned up some things again to get ready for Christmas. The attempt at a day of beauty turned out okay, however.... The tanning part turned parts orange, and I ended up dying my neck as well as my hair! LMAO- BUT... for the most part looks okay. I went to my dads today and did the wrapping. Had a good cry during the time and well... It was all you all suggested it would be. Great therapy and helped me alot to overcome some things.
I also got to thinking today and decided to do the 13th day after the holidays. I think this will be best as the reason another day of gifts is because of the sweet commenter's and those that have returned everyday. Its only fair that all of those who took the time to comment be able to receive the gift. And I can only ensure that to myself after Christmas since many are leaving today or have left prior to today to be with their families. I hope that those that are home like I agree this is the best way to be fair.
Also- I have put up a poll on the side here to get your feedback as to how you would like to see things in the new year. Please feel free to submit your choice and the highest amounts of votes will of course be the outcome. I will be back tomorrow to do my sweeties layout shares, however have a few awesome pages from scrappers to share today!
~*~Scrapper Layouts~*~
By Alicia+Jess~~~~~By Kerri
Using Roxy's Dream Sampler~~~Using Winter Stroll
How sweet is that Little one?? The layout composition is awesome and she looks so into her drawing and books! Awesome layout. And Love the one of the boys bringing in the tree. I always wanted to get a real tree, but with the girls allergies and my mom was the same, a real tree will only be a dream of mine, LOL. Love the layout!! Perfect match too!

By Deborah~~~~~~~~By Melva
Using He's Mine~~~~Using Midnight Glisten Add On
Awesome pics on both of these!! The first on is so great, love the layout and he looks so kicked backed and relaxed (i need one of those kinda days!) and Miss Hannah is a DOLL! Love the layout it is just too cute, Love how the journaling goes around the dots in the frames!!

Both By Kerri
Using He's Mine~~~Using Christmas Holly Add On
I was rolling when I first seen this first one. How cute that the boys polished up their daddy's shoes??? And its okay, I didn't stop my girls when they where attempting to clean their daddy's either. Such cute little helpers, and your tree is gorgeous! Love both of these layouts!!
Thank you all for giving me the gift and enjoyment of sharing your layouts with me!!!!!
Day 12
~*~*~Sorry this Gift has been given~*~*~
And if you missed yesterday's gift, it was a sampler of yet another kit that is in mid works of mine call Roxy's Dream. The full kit will be put into the store after the Christmas holiday.
AND_ As I informed you all yesterday today was suppose to have 2 gifts. HOWEVER- Something got messed up, And I got skipped. How nice?? Either way- I have been told that for sure tomorrow it will be the daily goodie giveaway. SOOOO TOMORROW you can get this at the JFTSOI forum. It can be found in the bottom part of the forum called Freebie Madness!! So be sure to grab it up tomorrow. TODAY- is a quick page from Colie from the her kit A New Day which is what I used yesterday to scrap my layouts.
Until tomorrow

Friday, December 21, 2007

On the 11th day of Christmas....

It is an All about me day! LOL. I have some plans of beauty today. I was just too jealous of Kerri's I have too!! Especially before the holiday jam. So, unfortunately the kids broke my wallet and my darling will KILL me if I go spend tons to get everything done. I bought the dye, and restocked my manicure supplies. Got my good old tan in a can! LMAO and will have a day at it! We will see if I have the stuff in me to turn around this old look. Especially before my birthday. I need to have a great look to go out right?? Hehehe. You would be surprised, but the gray in my hair is far more than anyone my age should have. But..... thanks to Clairol it can and will be hidden! LOL. I started my all about me time early though and did a few scrap pages for my personal book. I picked up the girls books today to insert some new pages that I received from printing and realized how hefty they are compared to my own. Not that I am complaining as I have a blast filling up their books and keeping up with their pictures. But, in light of things its okay to be selfish at times! So without further ado, please allow me to introduce myself!!
These pics were taking at the beginning of this year. I did it for a challenge on SBF called Here's your sign. You were to scrap yourself with your zodiac symbol and birth date.
This pic is from earlier this month. I was out watching the girls and got lost in thought, Joe yelled at me to look at him and "snap" LOL But I was releasing some stress in thought and thought it was a great way to look back to remind myself how to do it later! LMAO
Both of these pages are done with Colies beautiful new kit called A New Day. (Which happens to be on sale right now for 2.99) I am in love with her design and know for sure I will be using this one alot!
Andria , could you email me or leave me your addy so I can send along the recipe to you?? ALSO- Thank you ALL for your lovely comments and letting me know more about you all too. I am amazed at how friendship can be made through the scrapping circle and how much all of us truly have in common. I did talk with my dad, and told him no matter how hard it may be, she bought them for this occasion and would want nothing more than for it be as that. He asked me to do the wrapping of them, he just isn't ready. But I hope more than anything that it will be a reminder to my little brothers and sisters that she still and always will love them and be with them.
Day 11
~*~*~Sorry this gift has been given~*~*~
And if you missed out on yesterday's gift, here is what was inside-
An add on to the very first gift given- Midnight Glisten! This will be in the shop tomorrow.

Also- Tomorrow will be the end of my 12 days- HOWEVER- there will be a 13th day for all the sweet comments given- AND Tomorrow will also have 2 gifts. One will only be available at the JFTSOI forum. So if you haven't registered you may want to, to get a head start on the gifts. Each day their is a new freebie given by one of the designers there- Tomorrow just happens to be my first Daily Goodie Giveaway!
Until Tomorrow

Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the 10th Day of Christmas....

Well the groceries are gotten! I managed to do that today. But... that was it. I didn't do any baking or finish the wrapping today. I took what I would consider a much needed break from everything and played with the girls! I spent some time at my dads today for a bit. Tried to bring him some cheer and make him smile. Everyone is still a little down including myself, Yet I have been pushing myself to carry on like nothing for the girls. I know my ultimate reward will be the looks on their faces Christmas day. My dad was cleaning up more in his bedroom yesterday and found presents that my mom had bought everyone through out the year. We haven't yet decided on how we are going to give them. Whether they will be wrapped up. Its a tough decision to make. How do you give those gifts?? and do it in a way that won't dampen the spirits more so than they will be already??
Either way, As promised- Here is a recipe for Buckeyes!!!! ( i will have my butterhorn recipe for you all tomorrow) Now, I got to talking to one of my fellow Ohio friends and they do theirs a tad different than mine- But.... still the same result. I guess the paraffin wax is optional, I was just taught that it helps the chocolate coating to firm up better and prevent from melting when out. Some people also put graham crackers all crushed up in the peanut butter mix, I personally never had it that way, But.... may someday. I was taught by my mother who was taught by her grandmother. They are called buckeyes here because they look like the nuts off the buckeye tree (our state tree) Either way, click on it to enlarge it, I made it 4x6 inch size so you can print if you would like. If you have trouble reading after enlarging or printing, feel free to email me (sweetdigiscraps-at-yahoo-dot-com) and I will send along a .txt document with it.

Day 10
~*~*~Sorry this gift has been given~*~*~

And if you missed yesterdays gift it was a sampler of a kit that I am currently working on called Garden Treasures. It has yet to be finished, so no preview yet, But it will be in my store after the Christmas holiday when I have more time to finish it!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On the 9th day of Christmas.....

Now see, I am glad I am not the only lady that will be cooking all night while play Santa's helper on Christmas eve! LOL I made up my grocery list of all the things I still need to get and man I am going to dread all the people in the store today, BUT...... That's what I get for waiting until the last week huh? But I did get a head start on my goodies tonight. My buckeyes are done (for those that don't know what they are- I am not sure what they call em elsewhere but they are gooey sweet peanut butter balls LOADED with sugar and sweetness dipped in a chocolate coating) YUMMY! One or two does me good, sometimes can't handle all the sweetness but they are delicious! And my hard tack candy is done. 4 flavors cherry, cinnamon, grape and blueberry. And you know, I was carded to buy the flavoring?? What has happened in this world that women are carded for baking supplies, LMAO. Either way- also 3 batches done of my butter horns (these are a sweeter version of the nut roll -I am bound to put on a least 5 lbs just with them alone this year!) LOL I will work on some recipe layouts tonight while finishing up the butter horns so that you can sorta get my goodies- hehehe
The wrapping is almost finished, I was in midst of it when little eyeballs peeked around the corner at mommy- LOL- And to answer you Kerri- I do it day by day. It is hard at times, but in the same breath so very easy. They are so close and do so much together. And the terrible twos all happen at once and then.... its done and off to the next thing together. I wouldn't want it any other way. I am still young enough to enjoy them and play with them and grow with them as well.
Thank you all for your comments on my girls pictures. And yest, I do have a little mischief inside too! LOL- I wanted to share my eldest again, hamming it up. Please don't mind her nudity- she is in the stage were she thinks clothes are only necessary when outside of the home- LOL.
This was done using my kit Girly Grunge which is now in my shop.
Day 9
~*~*~Sorry this Gift has been given~*~*~
And if you missed out on yesterdays gift, here is what was hiding inside-
You can now get it in my shop
until tomorrow....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On the 8th day of Christmas...

I am going early this time, But I think I am actually going to get some sleep tonight. My body won't know what to do!!!! LOL. But today was rough to say the least, My nephew is sick and of course watching a sick babe is never loads of fun. And Joe went off with his sister today to get her a new truck. So it was a baby filled event of a day. I think though that if I get some good sleep tonight, I will be up early enough to get some more wrapping done before my day begins again. PLUS... I made up my list of needs for the Christmas dinner- Yes to answer the previous question, family tradition for the big holiday feast. So that will be on my plate again this year. BUT... I think after doing thanksgiving dinner on my own, I may be a bit more prepared for this one. Except for some reason, and I never quit figured this out, Its turkey AND ham. I hope we aren't the only ones that do this- hahahaha. Plus addition to all the cookies and cakes and candies. I am making my candies tomorrow night though and having them done. I will sure to scrap some of the outcome and recipes for you all. I LOVE buckeyes and of course butter horns!! My mom got me hooked on those- so they are a must!

Either way, I have some LO's to share- How bout that!
Me and My Oldest, Miss Roxanna-3
Kit Used is Happy Jolly Days- By Colie's Corner

Me and My middle Daughter Anastasia-2
Kit used is Midnight Glisten by Yours Truly- LMAO

Me and my Youngest Daughter Stevie Rae- 1
Kit used is Aubergine Wine by Me
(disclaimer: the look of sweet and angelic innocence on their faces is pure show. The child that is contained within has a tendency to be moody, argumentative, daring and most of all mischievous. Please don't be fooled by the smiles) LMAO LMAO Just kidding, they are precious little girls that I love dearly! Wouldn't trade em for a million bucks. They are my world.

O and what you been waiting for huh?? ?
Day 8
~*~*~Sorry this Gift has been Given~*~*~
And if you missed yesterday's gift, it was a sampler of this..
which will be in my shop REAL soon! So be on the lookout.
Until Tomorrow.....

Monday, December 17, 2007

On the 7th Day of Christmas

I am with all of you, I can't believe its coming so close!!!! I started wrapping gifts the other day- And thought- Well.... not to bad I didn't go to overboard. YEAH RIGHT! I opened up my bathroom closet today to refill the ole' TP and OMG- How did I forget what I hide there. Now of course this got me thinking. Yeppers- I had stuff hidden in my laundry closet too. Never gave it second thought because it was all put in black bags and of course I thought just as I wanted the girls and joe to think- Clothes! LOL-- So I pulled out all the other stuff and put it all together. MAN I AM DREADING IT! My bedroom has now become OVERFLOWN with all the wrapping stuff and presents and all that fun stuff. I can't put anything out under the tree because I tried it. Little fingers got to excited and wanted to rip open. So it looks like santa will be bring it all out on Christmas Eve. LOL Either way, I will be back later today- I have my pics to share AND a little something for the commenters to pay attention too. I have been paying attention to who has commented these past few days- And I will be posting names to email me their addys. WHY? Because Santa told me their is a special gift waiting at the end of all this! LOL

Day 7
~*~Sorry this Gift has been given~*~
(Please Note:: There is only ONE (1) gift inside)
And for those that missed yesterdays gift- Here is what was inside! And can be picked up in my shop. (PS All prior gifts are now in the shop as well)
Much Love and THANKS to all of you who are kind enough to share your love in return, I GREATLY appreciate it. More than you may know!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

On the 6th Day of Christmas....

Today was another eventful day! LOL Jenny is in and its family madness right now. She went to her mom's and will be back on Monday at O 500 she said. LMAO LMAO Army terms. Either way, I did some errands for my daddy today, and well About freaked when I came home. My camera bag is NEVER away from me and Inside I keep my external. I leave all the wires and stuff here, But just to be safe- Never know when the kiddos might grab it up when their dad isn't looking! LOL. Either way, sat down to get today's' gift uploaded and OMG_ Not here!!! I was freaking out. BUT..... Thank goodness I hadn't put the design on there. However my Layouts on their as well as my other designs- So.... I will post my layouts later on this morning after I go back up and get it! LOL. Funny thing is, its one of the moments I guess I had.. And still can't figure out for the likes of me why I took it out to begin with. It will come to me later, I am sure of it.
I have posted some layout shared prior to the post if you care to take a gander. I am telling you what- My Sweeties really do amaze me. Their layouts are always so great!! Mostly that is how I spur up my inspiration for my own scraps. Not lifts, but I see something and then the light bulb turns on. Okay, enough rambling! O And the "storm" that was suppose to come earlier today turned out to be just about a half inch of slick snow. So.... I better knock on wood though, I probably will wake up to a few inches huh?

Day 6
~*~*~Sorry This Gift Has been Given~*~*~
And if you missed yesterdays gift- Here is what was inside
And will EVENTUALLY be in the shop as I am still waiting for a few to be put in. SO as soon as the newer ones are in, I will let you all know!!!

Layout Shares

~*~*~Scrapper Submissions~*~*~
By Deborah
Using Midnight Glisten
I feel in love with this sunset photo. So warming yet so elegant. And well, Just what I needed on a chilly day! beautiful Layout dear and thank you so much for sharing with me.
Both by KayJay (kerri)
Using Aubergine Wine ~~Using Retro Flashback
WOW- You are beautiful girl. I am going with you next time you go out for a day of primping! LOL Stunning layout and the boys are too cute painting away- Looks like they had fun!

I also have this SUPER adorable one by Gabrielle that I have saved to my External but will put up later on tonight when I go get it. LOL As well as my own- As silly me left it up at my dad's when I was doing some errands! LOL

~*~*~*~Sweeties Layouts~*~*~*~
Both By Miss Lilly
Both Using Christmas Holly
Both BEAUTIFUL holiday layouts. Love both the pictures and the pages just turned out awesome! You ROCK girl!!!
Both By Shikin
Using Chistmas Holly~~~Using His
Now the first one had me so intrigued. Shikin is in Singapore, and doesn't get real snow- BUT they have a place set up where its simulated! How awesome is that??? And the second one is tooo cute!

Both By K.Donovan
Using Christmas Holly~~~Using VP1 and Midnight Glisten
I LOVE THESE. Watching the children decorating the Christmas tree is one of my biggest joys, Aside from the excitement from the lights and presents. Beautiful memory pages my dear- And I am sure the kids will love them too when they get older and reflect on the older days.
Both By Karen
Using His~~~Using Midnight Glisten
How adorable are these babes???? I LOVE BABIES_ AND well... these ones are sooo eatable- WELL.... you know what I mean not that I eat kids or anything, But they ones you pick up and kiss all over and just can't get enough of. And the Santa hat is ADORABLE!

Both By Colie
Using His~~~~Using Midnight Glisten
O i was Rolling it on the first Layout. Every kid gets this moment. Miss attitude (Roxy) Is the same way! NO MORE PICS! LOL And the second one has me in aww of the utter beauty of it all. I think that is why I love winter so much. The beauty that surrounds after new fallen snow.Awesome Pages dear!
Both by Miss Judy
Using Midnight Glisten~~~~Using Under the Covers
1st one- SOO beautiful! Love the picture and the layout is perfect to accent the beautiful photo and I think I too can join Miss Pipey- I nice hot cup of cocoa and I am ready for some sweet dreaming!!! Love these Miss J!

Both by Chris
Both Using Under the Covers
OMG_ Courtney is sooo adorable!! I love her santa hat and the layout is sooo perfect! And love how you made the present in the second one. ANd great layout once again. You always amaze me dear!
Both by Clara
Using He's Mine ~~~~Using His
BEAUTIFUL photos- And grand babies!! You are blessed with lots of beauty, love and It is obvious talent my dear. Love both of these layouts and the journaling is awesome!